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Thymos Long Short

About the fund

Thymos Global Equities Long Short Market Neutral Fund (The Fund) seeks to generate returns above RBA cash rate that are not correlated with returns of other investment classes such as bonds, equities, real estate or commodities.

We believe that this can be achieved by trading long and short securities as selected by our investment process, while portfolio construction rules enforce diversification.

The Fund typical properties are:

  • Holding 150 long positions, offset by 150 short positions.
  • Negligible market exposure in aggregate.
  • $100 invested results in $100 in long and $100 in short exposure.
  • Limited exposure to security exposure.
  • Limited exposure to size, market and industry.
  • Limited currency exposure due to diversification
wdt_ID Label Info
1 Investment Units in Thymos Global Equities Long Short Market Neutral Fund (the Fund)
2 Participation The Fund is available to wholesale investors domiciled in Australia
3 Objective To generate a return above RBA cash rate without taking market risk, utilizing manager skill to identify long/short stock positions.
4 Benchmark Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cash rate.
5 Strategy The Fund combines bottom-up stock specific data with top-down macro data to construct a diversified portfolio of securities from global developed markets. The Fund is a long/short fund.
6 Net Asset Value (NAV) Calculated Monthly by the Administrator
7 Minimum initial investment $100,000 - Trustee has discretion to accept other amounts
8 Minimum additional investment or redemption $25,000 - Trustee has discretion to accept other amounts
9 Applications and Redemptions Applications and redemptions are processed on the last business day of each month.
10 Buy/Sell spread A “buy/sell spread” is charged on applications and redemptions of 0.25%, which is the costs of acquiring or selling assets of The Fund to issue or redeem Units in the Fund.
11 Management fee 1.5% of the NAV of The Fund per annum plus GST.
12 Expenses Up to 0.3% of NAV per annum plus GST, for approved expenses
13 Performance fee 20% of the absolute return of the fund above RBA Cash Benchmark Rate after Management Fee and expenses pa plus GST.

MOnthly Reports

    How to Invest

    Thymos Global Equities Long Short Market Neutral Fund (The Fund) is currently open to wholesale investors from Australia. When considering investing in The Fund, please follow these three steps:

    • Carefully read the Investment Memorandum and familiarise yourself with The Fund.
    • Speak with your financial adviser about how The Fund meets your investment objective.
    • Download the Application Form and follow the instructions.

    Should you have any queries, please contact us on enquiries@oneinvestment.com.au or call us on (02) 8277 0000. 

    To change the details relating to your holdings, including redemptions, please go to One Registry Services.