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Thymos Long Only

About the fund

We believe that an unhedged, global equities portfolio has the potential to deliver strong returns and diversification benefits to investors.

The Fund’s objective is to give investors exposure to global, developed market equities and generate above Benchmark returns after fees.

We believe that this can be achieved by selecting securities favoured by our investment process, while portfolio construction rules enforce diversification. Portfolio construction typically aims to:

  • Hold 250-350 securities.
  • Limit single security exposure.
  • Spread the investments across mega, large, mid and small cap securities.
  • Invest across most developed markets.
  • Invest across most industries.

The Fund will usually be fully invested. The use of derivatives is expected to be minimal and aimed at short term risk management. The currency exposure is not hedged.

wdt_ID Label Info
1 Investment Units in Thymos Global Equities Long Only Fund (the Fund)
2 Participation The Fund is available to wholesale investors domiciled in Australia
3 Objective To give investors exposure to securities traded on exchanges in developed markets and generate above Benchmark returns after fees.
4 Benchmark Developed Market Total Return in Australian Dollars
5 Strategy The Fund combines bottom-up stock specific data with top-down macro data to construct a diversified portfolio of stocks from global developed markets.
6 Net Asset Value (NAV) Calculated Monthly by the Administrator
7 Minimum initial investment $100,000 - Trustee has discretion to accept other amounts
8 Minimum additional investment or redemption $25,000 - Trustee has discretion to accept other amounts
9 Applications and Redemptions Applications and redemptions are processed on the last business day of each month.
10 Buy/Sell spread A “buy/sell spread” is charged on applications and redemptions of 0.25%, which is the costs of acquiring or selling assets of The Fund to issue or redeem Units in the Fund.
11 Management fee 1% of the NAV of The Fund per annum plus GST.
12 Expenses Up to 0.3% of NAV per annum plus GST, for approved expenses
13 Performance fee 15% plus GST per annum of The Fund’s performance over the Benchmark after Management fee and expenses

Performance and Pricing

Value of $100,000 investment since inception


Performance is based on month end unit prices in Australian Dollars.Net return is calculated after Fund management fees, operating costs and taxation. Individual Investor level taxes are not taken into account when calculating net returns. This is historical performance data. It should be noted the value of an investment can rise and fall and past performance is not indicative of future performance.

How to Invest

Thymos Global Equities Long Only Fund (The Fund) is currently open to wholesale investors from Australia. When considering investing in The Fund, please follow these three steps:

  • Carefully read the Investment Memorandum and familiarise yourself with The Fund.
  • Speak with your financial adviser about how The Fund meets your investment objective.
  • Download the Application Form and follow the instructions.

Should you have any queries, please contact us on enquiries@oneinvestment.com.au or call us on (02) 8277 0000. 

To change the details relating to your holdings, including redemptions, please go to One Registry Services.